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Hi, hello. My name is Ana and this is my messy blog. I like films, television, music and Sebastian Stan's face.

Aidan Turner once said that he missed me, nbd. //
  1. "You try to write the best scripts you can write, as a group you give your best shot at it. But without these actors… Let’s use Bryan as an example. I can’t picture anyone else playing that role. I make my living off my imagination, and my imagination fails when it comes to picturing the show with anyone else at the head of it.” (Vince Gilligan, on Bryan Cranston)

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change begins with hard work and persistence.

    change begins with hard work and persistence.

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  5. He’s just got such a gregarious nature and so full of energy. I don’t know where he gets it! I don’t know how he sustains it. But when he’s on set everyone’s smiling and when he’s not there after a few days, you say “Where’s Mackie?” He just breathes life into his environment. And he does like to say “Cut the check!” - Chris Evans

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  9. sansalayned:

     I dreamt of a maid at a feast, with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs.

    Sansa Stark Alphabet A is for Amethysts from Asshai

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  11. There’s always hope. But not for me.

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    sebastian stan - august man sept 2011
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  15. Shameless: a summary (insp)

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